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Composers can apply for membership to Componisten 96 throughout the year. The balloting committee meets three to four times a year, so it may take several months before the applicant will be notified of the decision of the committee. The new applicants for membership will be notified by mail.

When a composer applies for membership, the balloting committee of Componisten 96 requires that the following materials are sent along with the application form:

  • three scores, of which at least one has been recently composed
  • a cd with a minimum of two recordings of the three submitted scores
  • a detailed cv
  • application form [download] with personal contact information, and a list of awarded commissions from (culture) funds with their respective dates of being granted.

An alternative way of being accepted as a member of Componisten 96 is by being nominated
to the board by several members. The board will ask the advice of the balloting committee. This committee will then determine whether the standard membership procedure should be followed, or whether the scores and recordings of the nominated composer can be found in the library of the new music institution (Donemus/Gaudeamus).

The scores are judged by their quality, originality, and, as far as possible, the relevance of the genre. In practice, this is an indication of the requirement that the composer must be actively involved with new music and belong to the category of ´contemporary art composers´. Also, the position in the field of new music in the Netherlands of the applying or nominated composer (on the basis of the amount of awarded commissions and by the proven interest of the performing world in this composer´s work) will play a role in the appraisal of the balloting committee.

Mailing Address:
The required materials with the application form can sent to the following address:

Componisten 96
att: M. van Norden
Nieuwegrachtje 3 tweede et.
1011 VP Amsterdam